Jo and Leah Wood Talk Pelvic Floor Health

Jo and Leah Wood have teamed up with INNOVO, to end the embarrassment and give women the confidence to talk about and treat the issue.

In this candid interview Jo speaks openly about her ‘moments of weakness’ admitting she wees herself when she coughs and sneezes while her daughter Leah also experiences bladder control issues when jumping on the trampoline with her children. We ask them how much they know about their pelvic floor and discover whether they listened to their mothers when warned to do their kegel exercises after giving birth.

For Jo and Leah, being involved in INNOVO's ‘Restore the Floor’ campaign is particularly important for them. They are passionate about raising awareness for pelvic floor health and breaking the taboo on bladder weakness. As celebrities in the public eye we admire their honesty and willingness to speak openly about the issue that affects 1 in 3 women.

We hope you all enjoy the video, and we are positive that you will laugh out loud at the light banter between the mother and daughter duo. Jo and Leah’s response to using Innovotherapy is quite intriguing...