Meet Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT & Co-Inventor of INNOVO

Your 2022 mission?

I want to shine a light on the subject of incontinence, one of the last taboo women’s health topics. The prevalence of this condition (1 in 3 women are affected) has led to its normalization.

Women should not just be told leaks are a normal part of ageing or childbirth, with the only ‘solution’ being to cope with symptoms using pads. With INNOVO, a REAL solution exists. One that treats the root cause by effectively strengthening and enhancing the coordination of the pelvic floor muscles, giving women the opportunity to live a leak-free life.

Pelvic Floor Health is my Passion.

I’ve always had a passion for women’s health and physiotherapy. After running a private practice in Atlanta for a few years in the mid-2000s, I decided to open my own practice back home in Ireland and pursue my PhD at University College Dublin (UCD).

I had specialized in pelvic floor dysfunction while studying and working in the US and had many friends and co-workers who had stress urinary incontinence - but they said nothing about the condition. These women were carrying an invisible ball and chain around with them for years. Women knew very little, if anything, about their pelvic region and the effects menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and obesity had on their pelvic floor. I was getting to the perimenopausal age and didn’t want to experience SUI. These reasons really inspired me to pursue my PhD and explore alternative solutions to effectively facilitate pelvic floor contractions that enhanced coordination and strength of the pelvic floor muscles thus addressing the root cause of urinary leakage. Following my PhD, I decided to work full-time in the US, where I am a professor in a doctorate of physical therapy program in metro Atlanta where I married my love of education with opportunities to pursue further research in the area of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Did you know…

If stress incontinence was a country, it would be the third largest.In 20212, let’s make it one of the smallest! Treat, don’t tolerate with INNOVO.