What is Bladder Weakness Costing You?

How much do you value being able to laugh, cough, sneeze without embarrassment? Be active, go anywhere without checking the toilets’ map??

How much your confidence and freedom are worth?

Difficult to put a number to it! However, what we can surely calculate is the cost of keep managing the symptoms. We conducted a study and found that British people suffering from bladder weakness, will spend an average of €500 every year on pads1. And this cost could be much higher, especially if you are experiencing frequent leakage.

Add this up over a lifetime of continued. Left untreated, bladder weakness tends to worsen over time, meaning more money spent on pads, year after year. It’s an endless cost and its not even providing you with a solution to the problem. What if you just didn’t experience leaks in the first place?

This is where INNOVO can help…

INNOVO treats the root cause of bladder weakness, rather than just the symptoms, by non-invasively strengthening the pelvic floor via pain-free muscle stimulation. This safe & convenient at-home treatment is suitable for women and men and is clinically proven to work.




  1. TEFEN Research Study, 2015