My INNOVO Journey - Seamus, 60


Seamus, 60 from Western Ireland started experiencing bladder weakness as a result of a prostate cancer surgery in 2016. He visited a physio due to the bladder weakness, but after three months was told no more could be done.

I was totally incontinent. When I went anywhere, I had to have a travel bag with me day and night and even then, I wet myself from time to time. I had no bladder control and became so frightened of going outside.

I would go to the pub for a few pints with the lads. After a hard day’s work, you want to relax, but there is nothing relaxing about wetting yourself in front of a room full of men. It was humiliating.

Dealing with prostate cancer was hard enough, but then to have urinary incontinence was an additional struggle I found hard to cope with. The saddest part was that I was misdiagnosed as it was thought that I had muscle or nerve failure. I started doing my own research as I realised, I was completely alone in trying to fix this.

“I felt completely alone trying to fix this”.

A Bladder Weakness Treatment For Men

I came across INNOVO, and it completely changed my life. I can now go out, wear my normal clothes and I am not constantly feeling down my trousers to see if I am all wet. I feel like I have my life back. I can do all the things I did before I had cancer, even visit the pub with my friends for a few pints.

Easy to use, comfortable to wear, and clinically proven to work, INNOVO is a completely non-invasive male bladder weakness treatment that helps you safely and effortlessly strengthen and re-educate the entire network of pelvic floor muscles through gentle muscle stimulation.