Pads are temporary. We can fix this for good.

80 %

of users saw a significant

reduction in leaks after 4 weeks1

87 %

of users were defined as dry or

almost dry after 12 weeks2

90 %

of users would recommend

the therapy to others3

Clinically-proven. Safe. Convenient.

Real saving. Real value

Did you know managing incontinence with pads cost €489 per year on average and takes 400 years to decompose?

How much do you value being able to laugh, cough, sneeze without embarrassment, be active and go anywhere without checking the toilet map?

No more leaks, pads or worries with INNOVO. Start saving now.

Kath’s INNOVO Story

“It’s sheer bliss for half an hour a night!”

Mike’s INNOVO Story

“I feel proud that I’m now free of incontinence”

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